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Common Seals are mostly used for certifying legal documentation.
They are usually mounted as traditional stamps or fold-a-stamps
but can also be made as self inkers or preinked stamps.

Fold-a-stamps are the convenient, space saving alternative to traditional stamps.
They are used with a stamp pad in the same manner as traditional stamps
but can be easily carried with paperwork or documentation.
They lie flat in a plastic wallet arrangement and are mounted on
a collapsible clear plastic handle & base.

The two most commonly used seals are Company Seals & Body Corporate Seals.
Company Seals usually include a Business Name & Australian Company Number
(ACN) or Business Name followed by 'Inc' if the Body is Incorporated.

Body Corporate Seals incorporate the name of the Body Corporate
& the Community Titles Scheme Number (CTS).

An 'ABN' is usually not included on Common Seals.


You can select from our range of Common Seal designs (A-G) or create you own.